“I Seek the Grail!”

What do a unicorn, the Holy Grail, and Sting have in common? Many ELT teachers

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PowerPoint for the PPT-phobic: How I use PPT minimally

Just last week I wrote a post about why I don’t use PPT much. If

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Preparing for the DELTA Module 1 Course

So you will be taking the DELTA Module 1 with a course provider? This post

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What I’ve Been Reading: Blogs for ELT Teachers

There are other informative blogs out there to be reading besides mine. Today I’ll give

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Setting Up Activities Like a Pro

If you’ve taken a pre-service qualification like CELTA or the Trinity Cert TESOL you’ve heard

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5 Reasons Why I Don’t Use PowerPoint (Much)

PowerPoint, or PPT, is in nearly every lesson I observe. I use it occasionally when

What’s the Cambridge Train the Trainer Course?

What should you know about TTT? This is a relatively new qualification that has crept

What do I need to do to get an “Above Standard” on CELTA?

Jumping through hoops for grades You may think that getting a higher grade on CELTA

Why take the CELT-P or CELT-S?

The Need for a Quality Young Learner Course with Teaching Practice In December of 2016

How to take the DELTA if you live in China—do it in your own city!

Note: below I write about how to complete the DELTA with providers that allow you