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What’s the Cambridge Train the Trainer Course?

What should you know about TTT?

This is a relatively new qualification that has crept onto the scene. It’s one of those courses that is meant to be run locally, as in within a school and for the teachers of that school: much like the CELT-P and CELT-S (read more about the CELT-P and CELT-S here in another blog post). It can be run in two ways. You can take it either face-to-face, or online. Either way you will need to have a trainer who is both sufficiently qualified and who has the right experience to do it, otherwise your institution will need to pay Cambridge to arrange this, drastically increasing costs.

TTT is for either new teacher trainers or those who would like to get into teaching training. It mainly helps you develop skills for planning a scheme of work/series of teacher training sessions and how to observe and give constructive feedback. The best part of the course is that it is a gateway for being a tutor on CELT-P or CELT-S.

Candidates taking the TTT course need to have a B2. Cambridge does not stipulate that you need a CELTA,  although this would be extremely beneficial in my opinion. With help from Cambridge, the Lead Trainer of your course would set up a 30 hour face-to-face course, usually spread over 5 days. Up to 25 candidates can participate.

TTT can also be done as a 32 hour online course run through Cambridge over an 8 week period (4 hours a week). 10-20 participants can do the online course at once.

Who would be the right Lead Trainer to run the course?

Let’s say you have the right kind of trainer. You have someone in your institution with about five years of experience and substantial teacher training experience. In my correspondence with Cambridge I was told:

“You must provide the Lead Trainer to run the course. The Lead Trainer requires: C1 level English, 5+ years’ relevant teaching experience, and teacher training experience, usually as a CELTA or Delta tutor. We can provide an experienced Lead Trainer for you, but this will significantly increase your costs.”

Unfortunately I don’t think that this course is very accessible here in China as having a DELTA itself is a rarity. And level seven qualifications like DELTA and the Trinity DipTESOL are often prerequisites to being nominated as a CELTA trainer, let alone a DELTA tutor.

How popular has this course been in China?

Well, it hasn’t been too popular. The few courses that I’m aware of were run by freelance CELTA and DELTA who live in East Asia. The few graduates of these TTT courses have told me that they don’t know of any other TTT courses that have been run.

Where can you take the Train the Trainer course?

I’m trying really hard to get a few courses opened up at New Oriental. If all goes well there will be a course in February.

Other than getting the course going yourself at your school, you could try an online course. The only fully online courses I’m aware of require you to have a DELTA. You could message them and see if they have changed their mind though. Last I checked (June 2018) this was true. Lexis Tesol is one such provider. The course runs just over 600 Australian Dollars. You can also check with CELT Athens often runs this course as well (in Greece with occasional online courses).



3 thoughts on “What’s the Cambridge Train the Trainer Course?”

  1. UU says:

    Can I ask if we must have an IELTs 8.5 or above to take this course?

    1. matarm says:

      Hi UU,
      Thanks for the question. You need to have a B2 level. It’s up to the center to ensure that you meet those requirements. So, the provider/school who’s running it could ask you for an IELTS 8.5, but I don’t think it’s necessary at all. I hope this helps.

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